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Vidayartha Moving in to eLearning Platform – 11-04-2020

At a time when the world is about to embark on a journey with technology, it is the current generation that will create the crucial tomorrow for the future world. This website was developed according to a concept of Major . M.R.P Mayadunne, Principal of Vidyartha College.

Vidyartha College ,Assistant Principal Manjula Ekanayaka, who realized the importance of extending childrens knowledge from home, was encourage this project.

Together with the Vidyaatha College Media Forum and Past Vimasa (Sansade), the campaign was launched to create a person worthy of tomorrow with a generation of creative children.

You are well aware that no matter how advanced our beloved science and technology is, it is not capable of overcoming nature. So Let’s get alone with the Nature and technology for your better tomorrow/future

News Update – 22-04-2020