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History & Development

Vidyartha College (Sinhala:විද්‍යාර්ථ විද්‍යලය) is an all male Buddhist institution located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The college was founded in 1942 by the Vidyartha Society, and is currently run by the Government of Sri Lanka. The college has two sections: the primary section which includes grades 1-5; and the secondary section which includes students in grades 6-13.

Although there were many educational opportunities for Buddhist children in the Central Province during the early 1900s, there was a lack of education in English[citation needed]. This deficiency led Sir Tikiri Bandara Panabokke to create the Vidyartha Society in 1939. Other contributors to this project were T. B. Panabokke, M. B. Panabokke, S. L. Ratwatte, A. C. L. Ratwatte, William Gopallawa (President of Sri Lanka), T. B. Ranaraja, A. B. Pinnawala, K. B. Wijekoon, R. Divithotawela, A. Rathnayake, G. D. A. Abeyrathne, Dr. L. B. Senevirathne, L. M. Koswatta, M. B. E. Senevirathne and M. B. Kulugammana. The Society eventually purchased a private school named King’s College, which was located on a rise on Katugasthota Road. Later, the name was changed to Vidyartha College. The new college had forty students and six teachers, and the first principal was G. D. A. Abeyratne. On 1 August 1961, the government took control of the college and still maintains control today.

Vidyartha College quickly became a popular school in Sri Lanka. A hostel and main hall were added, so that the college cold accept more students; children in rural areas such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Ampara, Monaragala were now able to attend Vidyartha.

In 1954, an Advanced Level of Examination was held at Vidyartha for the first time. The college has since added three programs: Science in 1958, Commerce in 1972, and Information Technology in 1994.

A Colombo branch was formed in 1987 by C. K. Gajanayake, who was its first President. Major-General H. M. N. Krishnaratne RSP USP (Rtd) is the incumbent President of the Colombo branch and Ranjith Weeerasinghe functions as the Honorary Secretary.

When the college was first established, it only had a few buildings, a principal, and 8 teachers. Today, there are nearly 5,000 students receiving their education in the College, with a teaching staff of more than 180.



Period Name
1st 1942–1948 G. AD. Abeyerathne
2nd 1948–1955 M. B. W. Mediwake
3rd 1956–1967 A. Athauda
4th 1967–1968 D. B. Dissanayake
5th 1968–1971 P. B. Rasingolla
6th 1971– 1974 T. B. Karunarathne
7th 1974–1977 M. B. Pethiyagoda
8th 1983–1986 P. M. L. Banda
9th 1987–1991 T. B. Damunupola
10th 1991–1992 S. S. C. Wijesinghe
11th 1992–1995 W. M. Bandaranayake
12th 1995–2006 W. B. Gunnepana
13th 2006–2013 P. A. S. Alwis
14th 2013–2015 D. M. A. Disanayake
15th 2015–2016 Ranjith Rajapaksha
16th 2016–present Lt. Col. Ranjith Rajapakse

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