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Vidyartha take cup in Zahira 7s

Monday, March 4th, 2013
Written by Supun Hasthimuni

The annual Zahira college rugby 7s tournament was held at the Zahira college rugby grounds. 

Many aspiring rugby forces were present however the spectacle of the evening came from the likes of Kuchin a collaborative Malaysian rugby team which graced the tournament with their presence alongside aggressive campaigners such as Vidyartha College Kandy.

From the first kick-off the tournament displayed a great number of exuberant youth, a most welcoming sight for the future of 7s rugby in Srilanka.

As the tensions grew and winning became the days intention the plate final was fought out between Kuchin (the Malaysian visiting team) and Carey College which saw the latter bewildered. Kuchin emerged plate champions beating Carey College 32-00.

Bowl final between Lalith Athulathmudhali College and Zahira College saw Lalith Athulathmudhali college victorious, beating the spirited home team 12-07.

The highlight of the evening took the form of the cup final between Vidyartha College and Nalanda College.  After a grueling and close struggle the hill country “Tigers” emerged victorious beating Nalanda College with a convincing score of 36-26 to be welcomed with the deserving Champions title.

It is worth mentioning that despite the frequent absence of the famed rugby giants in this tournament, it yet offers the “rush” that rugby fans have come to know and love. As well as an opportunity to watch the young and upcoming talents that would otherwise go unseen under the grandeur of the big leagues.


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