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Vidyartha wins Junior Nationals 2012

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Vidyartha BC won the men’s championship while Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda won the women’s championship at the ABA organized Junior National Boxing Championships which was held at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium recently. A.S. Thuduwewaththa of Dharmaraja College and M.A.T.H. Jayatissa of Veyangoda Bandaranayake MV won the Men’s and Women’s Best Boxer’s titles.

St.Sylvester’s College and Kingswood College were the runners with 18 and 17 points in the men’s category. In the women’s category Linia BC won the runners up with 11 points while Vidyarathane College, MAS Southern College and St. Anthony’s Girls’ College with five points each took the third slot.

H.A.D.L. Hettiarachchi of Vidyartha Vidyalaya became as the best loser of men’s category after loosing to K.A.A. Madusanka of Silueta BC in the final of Fly Weight under 52 kgs by 8/10 points and R.I. Jayarathna of Linia BC College became the best loser in the women’s category. She lost to Seuwandi  Bandaranayake MV in the final of Bantam Wight under 57 kgs.

Only three bouts went the full distance of three rounds while all 17 other bouts in different categories had to be stopped by the Referee. The three bout that went the full distance was in the men’s category.

Organizers Amateur Boxing Association that organized the Championship with the hope to promoting Boxing among schools and to give the young Boxers an opportunity of reaching national level. According to the spokesman of the ABA said that with this intention added more school boxers for the championship.

Final Results:

Super Heavy Weight over 91 Kgs

R.W.M.R.L.T.B. Rathnadiwakara (Vidyartha BC) beat N.M. Sideek (Kingswood College) – (RSC-01/00)

Heavy Weight under 91 Kgs

P.G.S.Y. Rasminda (Kingswood, College) beat B.M.T.D Dassanayake (Vidyartha BC) – (16/06)

Light Heavy Weight under 81 Kgs

A.G.R.K. Gunarathna (Vidyartha BC) beat B.P.C.S. Rathnayake (Mayurapada MV, Mawenella) – (RSC)

Middle Weight under 75 Kgs

G.G.D.A. Gunasekara (Kingswood College) beat R.M.H.P. Perera (Pilimathalawa CC) – (RSC)

Welter Weight under 69 Kgs

W.A.T.Sanjaya (Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda) beat M.R.M. Nifraz (Zahira Katu) – (RSC-09/01)

Light Welter Weight under 64 Kgs

H.M.S.H. Medawaththa (St. Sylvester’s College) beat P.S.K. Kumarathunga (Pilimathalawa CC) – (RSC-14/07)

Light Weight under 60 Kgs 

A.S. Thuduwewatte (Dharmaraja College) beat N.A.S.S. Napagoda (Bandaranayake MV Veyangoda) – (RSC)

Bantam Weight under 56 Kgs

H.G.R.S. Gunasena (Sivalee MMV) beat B.P.D. Kumara (St.Sylvester’s BC) – (05/04)

Fly Weight under 52Kgs

K.A.A. Madushanka (Siluets BC) beat H.A.D.L. Hettiarachchi (Vidyartha) – (10/08)

Light Fly Weight under 49Kgs

B.G.R.I. Warnasooriya (Vidyartha BC) beat A.A.D.R.S. Jayawardena (Vidyaratha BC) (RSC-07/00)

Points Table

1. Vidyartha BC- 29 points

2. St. Sylvester’s BC – 18 points

3. Kingswood BC – 17 points

4. Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda – 11 points

5. Dharmaraja – 10 points

Best Boxer – A.S. Thuduwewatte (Dharmaraja College)

Best Loser – H.A.D.L. Hettiarachchi (Vidyartha College)

Women’s Final

Super Heavy Weight over 81 Kgs

R.P.I.M. Rajapaksha (Linea BC) beat P.I.A.T. Perera (St.Anthony’s GS, Panadura) – (RSC-11/02)

Light Heavy Weight under 81 Kgs

W.K.S.S.M.B. Kulasooriya (Mawathagama NS) beat W.W.G.H.D. Kumari (Pilimathalawa CC) – (RSC)

Middle Weight under 75 Kgs

P.U.D.D. Fernando (St.Anthony’s GS, Panadura) beat D.A.G.D.A. Wijerathna (Pilimathalawa CC) – (RSC-13/04)

Welter Weight under 69 Kgs

H.U.M. Fernando (Silueta) beat G.A.N. Nadeeshani (St.Anthony’s GS, Panadura) – (RSC-05/03)

Light Welter Weight under 64 Kgs

K.P.M.N. Kumuduni (Vidyaratha BC) beat W.A.D.M Dilmi (St.Anthony’s GS, Panadura) – (RSC-02/00)

Light Weight under 60 Kgs 

W.D.K. Lalani (MAS Southern) beat A.R. Perera (St.Anthony’s GS, Panadura) – (RSC-00/00)

Bantam Weight under 57 Kgs  

M.L.N. Seuwandi (Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda) beat R.I. Jayarathna (Linia BC) – (RSC-19/10)

Bantam Weight under 54 Kgs

E.A.H.B. Menike (Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda) beat P.G.D.B. Wicramanayake (Pilimathalawa CC) (RSC)

Fly Weight under 51 Kgs

K.W.N. Fernando (Linia BC) beat S.S.D. Weerawardana (Pilimathalawa CC) – (RSC)

Light Fly Weight under 48 Kgs

Courtesy: DailyMirror Sports

N.A.T.H. Jayatissa (Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda) beat H.N.K. Gamage (Vidyaratha College) – (RSC)

Points Table

1. Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda 17 points

2. Linia BC 11 points

3.Vidyaratha MV 05 points

MAS Southern – 05 points

St Anthony’s GS, Panadura – 05 points

4. Pilimathalawa CC 04 points

Best Boxer – M.A.T.H. Jayatissa (Bandaranayake MV, Veyangoda)

Best Loser – R.I. Jayarathna (Linia BC)

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